King Puck and Oliver Cromwell in Killarney

The British are Coming!  Does this look Paul Revere?  This statue is King Puck with his crown, but every year in County Kerry a goat is honored.  Don't scratch your head, I shall explain..  An old festival, in fact the oldest in all of Ireland honors a goat.  Once a year a male goat (a puck) is captured and honored for 3 days in town squares.  The goat is well fed, and put high on a scaffolding to survey his territory.
 The goat is crowned King by The Queen Puck, who is not another goat, but an honored school girl chosen.  Once she crowns the King, the festivities begin.  There is music, food, and of course drink.  There is dancing.  The local pubs stay open later than normal.  At the end of the 3 days, King Puck is returned to the wilds to resume his normal life.
It is not known how long this festival has been in existence or perhaps how it all began, is believed to be a result of The attempt of England's Oliver Cromwell's Raiders to over take Killarney, (Ki…

Cork, Lusitania and The Easter Rising/Rebullion

Memorial to all who perished in The Lusitania.  This is Cork.  This is located in the town square.
 A very pretty little seaside town, lots of pretty flowers, and lots of little pubs.
 A sidewalk memorial to those executed in The Easter Rising/Rebellion.  Their names are Capt Mick Leahy, Seamus Fitzgerald, Paddy Wheldon, Jack Stack, Joe Reid, Ernie Fowler, James O'Connell, William O Regan, Donald Healy, William Ralph, Bunny Reid, Liam Ahern, Jack O'Connell, also Pat Curran IRB, John Dowling ICA, Liam O'Brien IRB

The back of the stone.  If you look directly across the street, you'll see the ticket office which is directly in front of the long locked harbor where the Titanic departed from.

The Easter Rising, also called The Easter Rebellion started on Easter Monday, April 24th 1916, and ended on April 29, 1916.  It took place primarily in Dublin, but also in Meath, Galway, Louth, Wexford and Cork.

The Rebellion was against The British.  The leaders of the rebellion hope…

County Cork, St Colmans and Kinsale

Inside a beautiful old Gothic Style Church, St. Colman's in The Port of Cobh. (Kinsale)  It's also known as Cobh Cathedral.  Construction of the church took 47 years.  I've found conflicting information about when it began, 1867 or 1879; however...I've found the 1867 date to be more universally used.  It's truly breathtaking with such detail in the carvings, and the colors in the stain glass windows.
 It's a Roman Catholic Church.  Again dates vary when it was completed, 1911 or 1915.  The spire is 100 meters and is hard to capture in a photo; as you can see.........we tried but failed.
 The tower houses either 42 or 49 Bell Carillon.  In one article, it said 42, making it the largest in Ireland; in another article it said 49, making it the largest in Europe.  In either case, it is beyond impressive.  Perhaps it once was 42 and is now 49?
Our selfie with the Church and the sea behind us.  Myself, my husband, and our very good friend, Jane.  The church sits on…

Port of Cobh, Cork Ireland

The Port of Cobh (pronounced Cove) was an added excursion we took one morning when about half those in our tour group had a relaxed start to their day at the hotel.  This town is famous for it's the port That both The Titanic and The Lusitania departed from.  It's a quint very picturesque village. This is right on the water front, a pretty park across from hotels and restaurants.  There's a gazebo that is used for outdoor events in the summer months.  It was a bit over cast the day we were there in September.  This park is right next to the ticket office and the port departure area for many ships departing with deportees, and immigrants, as well as The Titanic .

 This white building is the ticket office where one purchased their tickets for departure.
 This is what is left of dock that The Titanic departed from.  When the horribly sad news came of the sinking and loss of life, the gate to the dock was locked; NEVER to used again.  The Titanic records aren't clear as …

No, It's not Klan Country

On a recent girls trip to Hilton Head, we passed several areas along the side of the road with 3 crosses grouped together.  I've seen them many times on various road trips, as had one of my friends.  Our third friend said..."oh, Klan country."  We were puzzled what she meant and asked.  She said she had been told years ago by a man who owned land where 3 crosses were in fact placed, that it was a sign of Klan Country.  A place where the Klan was strong and that it was used as a way to communicate that The Klan was there.  The two of us not driving started googling to see if we could verify that fact.  We could not.  We found on forums people had posted the questions, and some in fact gave that answer to the question, but on further research, after arriving of my friends found the following.  I am posting the article in it's entirety vs doing a brief report of it myself.  I've listed the link to the article at the bottom should you want to look further.

Waterford Crystal

A memorial to Irish born, Father Mychal Judge, who worked hard with rescue workers during 911.  The NYFD was presented with a memorial, and a 2nd one is on display at the factory in Waterford. 
 During the economic downturn, Waterford Crystal changed.  It moved it's long time factory, and scaled back in size and number of employees.  Even so, everything is still hand made.
 As you tour the factory with your guide you're to watch the craftsmen as they work.
Our golf tournament, here in Columbus has a connection to Waterford Crystal.  We were surprised to see that.  You can tour the factory, and shop (if price is no object) in the show room.  We didn't get enough time to tour the town of Waterford at all, which was disappointing to me.  It's quite an historic town dating back to The Vikings.  A quick bite to eat and time to board our Insight Tour Coach again for another adventure.

County Kildare, The Irish National STUD Gardens

Colonel William Hall Walker established The National Stud Gardens in the 1900's.  He believe you could tell how successful a horse could become on the racetrack by knowing their birthdate.  The grounds are quite pretty with flower gardens, water falls, serene bridges and lots of places to just sit and enjoy the countryside.
 Our tour explained how important breeding (covering) was throughout Irish history.  Currently their top stallion is Invincible Spirit.  Invincible Spirit was seeking protection from the rain so not in the picture.  He has fathered many champion racehorses around the globe.  At auction his offsprings can sell for millions!
 I'm sure the gardens would be prettier if you were lucky enough to visit on a day when it wasn't windy and rainy...though that's quite a trick in Ireland.  Though I did see a fairly sunny day in pictures when Queen Elizabeth was visiting.  She's a lover of horses, has been her whole life and has been here multiple times.